• "No job too big or too small"
  • "Dont get mad, call Nerd is the Word!"

Who am I?

I took to computing at a very young age. In July 0f 1980, while still in high school I got my first computer. A Commodore Vic20! I wrote several games that were published in the Commodore monthly print magazine. I took an old "speak and spell", a childs toy,  and hard wired it to the computer which allowed it to talk. I also created a "war dialer" that would dial random numbers all day looking for other computers. Those were the days. In January 1997 I launched a privacy & security service that included the first anonymous remailer. That service is still running under Cyber Solutions today and offers a full array of encryption, security and privacy software and services. Below are just a few of the positions I have held over the years.

Best Buy - Geek Squad

During my tenure at Best Buy I was originally tasked with PC sales, then to Geek Squad for home visits to resolve PC issues of customers computers as well as new PC set ups.

Florida Hospital - IT Department

During my tenure at Florida Hospital I was tasked to deal with computer and printer issues hospital wide and network issues. I was also tasked with the conversion to Cerner for the Wauchula campus.

Cyber Solutions - Owner (1997 - Present)

I launched Ultimate Privacy under the Cyber Solutions brand in January 1997. To this day, it remains a leader in online privacy, security as well as encryption tools. UP was the first Anonymous remailer of its kind!

PC Doctor - Owner

For several years in Lake County Florida I operated this mobile PC repair service and served hundreds of Lake County residents and businesses providing on-site computer repair and diagnostic services.